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Feel your whole being awaken as healing vibrations move through you and surround you in a sonic embrace

A merging of sound, intention, somatic processing and self-enquiry

Sound therapy is an effective way to restore balance, initiate change and ground a new way of being in body, mind and spirit. It’s been proven to greatly reduce the effects of stress and offers a deep level of support that guides you toward a more optimal state of well-being.

Like shining a light into the hidden layers of consciousness, therapeutic sound facilitates insight, release and a profound sense of connection to who you are and all that is. As you experience the different frequencies within your field and upon your body, you gently enter an altered state of consciousness through lowered brainwave activity and relaxation. This has a calming effect throughout your being and allows for both cellular and energetic restoration. Your mind is encouraged to get out of the way and your body is free to heal itself, aligning with a state of flow that uplifts you on all levels.

The addition of self-reflective practice offers a platform where you begin to explore limiting beliefs, patterns of behaviour and discordant emotional states. It provides an opportunity for you to reflect on your personal relationship to the sound as it holds a mirror up to your inner world. Enquiry into your personal resonance, resistance and somatic (bodily) response is a fundamental part of the therapeutic process, illuminating the way forward and creating a pathway to sustainable results.

In the hands of a skilled practitioner, sound therapy is a wonderful tool for transformation, personal growth and joyful living!

Having completed extensive studies in sound therapy, I offer a number of therapeutic techniques ranging from Gong Therapy, Acutonics® Tuning Fork Treatments, Sound Baths and more. So much more that I have a secondary website devoted to my sonic offerings!