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Be transported and renewed as sonic waves dance within, guiding you toward a more balanced state of being

Group Sound Meditations / Sound Baths

Offered regularly in St Agnes on a Tuesday and Thursday night and bi-monthly at Riverdell, sound baths are a wonderful opportunity to experience the benefits of sound in an intimate group setting.

If you'd like to incorporate a sound bath at your yoga centre, event, retreat or place of business, either regularly or as a one off, please get in touch using the contact page. I'm also available for you to arrange your own private group of up to 8 people from my space in St Agnes or I can come to your home.

Attend a sound bath and...

  • Experience clarity and peace as you move into stillness and connect within

  • Access a parasympathetic state where your whole being drops into rest and digest mode.

  • Relax, reset and replenish so you feel topped up for the rest of your week.

  • Move through altered states of consciousness.

  • Support your intentions and enter into a co-creative relationship with the sound.

  • Observe your inner world through the mirror of sound.

  • Lighten the load as you release inner tensions and resistance.

  • Connect with others through shared experience.

What happens during a sound bath?

During a sound bath, participants are invited to lay face up on a yoga mat with eyes closed. You'll be gently guided into a relaxed state with a verbal meditation before Rebecca starts weaving together a blissful soundscape. Warming up with soul awakening vocal tones and light language before transitioning to gongs, crystal bowls and delightful percussion, healing sounds will wash over you in a continual and seamless flow. The sound is followed by a silent pause, allowing for contrast through the absence of sound before softly spoken words guide you toward self-reflection and integration. You are slowly welcomed back into your body and into the room. The space is then opened up for sharing of experiences and question time. We also begin and close the session with an auric infusion of colour using the beautiful products of Aura-Soma®.

Important Information

  • For the consideration of others, please refrain from smoking or applying perfume before the session. If you're prone to snoring, it may be better to sit upright or explore your options for one to one sessions.

  • If you're sensitive to essential oils and non-toxic incenses, please let me know.

  • Maximum capacity is for 8 people and bookings are essential.

  • Yoga mats are provided with chairs available for those who prefer to be seated.

  • Please bring a pillow, blanket and a bottle of water. You may also wish to bring a bolster and eye pillow for additional comfort.

  • It is strongly recommended to avoid heavy use of recreational drugs and alcohol for 24hrs before the sound bath and for a least a few hours afterwards. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss this further.

  • Sound baths may be contraindicated during the first trimester of pregnancy, with certain types of epilepsy and in severe cases of psychological imbalance. A letter from your treating specialist may be required if you wish to attend. Please discuss this with me prior to booking.