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Light and colour activating deep relaxation, profound awareness and connection

The Beamer Light Pen offers the vibration of Aura-Soma® colour and light to the cells via subtle energy pathways. Coloured vials of living energies are shone onto acupoints, chakras and traced over meridian pathways and extraordinary vessels to nourish and balance the energies within.  Something truly magical happens when light and colour are introduced to the energy field. An interaction so subtle can initiate a significant change within our state of being, offering a renewed sense of peace, clarity and a feeling of connection to something deeper within ourselves.  Treatments are non-invasive, performed through clothing and based on your colour choices.

We are beings of light. An offering of light to our cells awakens this remembrance within us.

Experience a unique fusion of ancient Eastern philosophy and light body awakening designed to....

  • Restore clarity and vitality

  • Align and reconnect to your most authentic self

  • Nourish the subtle pathways

  • Awaken your body of light

  • Allow your higher wisdom to flow

  • Facilitate profound insight

  • Activate new energy

The session you receive will be determined, not only by your colour choices, but the themes most relevant to your life in the present moment.

"Receiving this treatment was a turning point for me. Rebecca managed to tune into a few issues I was dealing with and pin them down for me to get a good look at. I felt that when she applied the Spirit Path Pattern on me it helped me to create a healing place within myself for new energy, a new way of thinking and a new understanding. Thank you! " Clayton

"I recently had a light pen treatment with Rebecca and it was truly an amazing experience. I feel much more balanced, clear headed, calmer and focussed on what I need to do. I cannot speak highly enough of it. You are a beautiful human being and everyone should experience your gifts."  Nayda