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 Explore surrounding influences, gain clarity, insight and a broader perspective

I offer guidance sessions to assist and support you at the times you need it most. If you find yourself at a crossroads seeking clarity or you simply need a safe space to talk and be heard, to be in the presence of a compassionate witness then these sessions are for you. 

My guidance sessions are not predictive but will provide a space to...

  • Explore your concerns

  • Look at influencing energies

  • Shine a light on how you can nurture your path to wholeness

  • Gain an understanding of your soul's perspective

  • Assist you in identifying the underlying patterns of your situation

  • Offer comfort and help you to receive clarity, insight and awareness

These sessions may involve the use of oracle cards, a look at your numerology or astrology transits (if you have your birth details) or it may unfold as an in depth conversation with intuitive insights flowing. An Aura-Soma Colour reading can also be incredibly beneficial. You're invited to choose your method, prior to our time together.

You can experience these sessions in person or remotely via zoom or phone call.