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Channelled transmissions that flow through to activate and align your being

These channelled creations are birthed in union with cosmic architects and star beings who are working to assist humanity in their collective awakening, in connection with source, your soul vibration and higher self. Your unique art will provide a stable foundation of energy that gently grounds your being as you explore and integrate the higher light octaves and calling of your soul. Through its light geometries, ancient star language and light codes, it’ll speak to your
multi-dimensional aspects, calling through the gifts and wisdom your soul has cultivated throughout lifetimes while providing light and clarity on the path of individuation. Feel it send a transmission directly to your heart and activate a deep remembrance of who you are and what you came here to do.

The birthing of your art is co-creative process that unfolds over a few days. I work in harmony with your soul directive ensuring a finished design that is transformational and supportive on multiple levels of consciousness. Crystals, sound and other techniques are integrated into the creative process to stabilise and ground the energies in the most optimal way for you. They are encoded with many levels of information and will continue to reveal themselves even after many years. Each one is created in a space of love, joy and clear intention. The birthing process is a sacred unfolding, one that is honoured and carried out with the highest level of integrity.

For over 17 years I have channelled activation art for other people and have had the joy of sending them out around the world! No matter where you are, I'm able to attune to your energetic signature and birth something that is meaningful to you. Many have shared they are pleasantly surprised at how familiar their piece feels to them and they liken it to a profound sense of coming home. They can be commissioned for yourself, as a gift for a loved one, to represent a relationship or to bring clarity or closure to a particular situation/experience. If you need your piece within a set time frame, please reach out to see if I can accommodate that for you.

Hand Drawn Activation Art is available in A4 size on white paper and A4 or A5 on black paper using a variety of mediums with metallic touches and shimmering details that dance in the light.

** Your custom design will never be reproduced and are only displayed online as part of my portfolio with your permission **