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Dissolve crystallised energy patterns and align to your optimal blueprint

The art of crystal healing involves the positioning of Earth's beautiful creations onto the body in grid like patterns. When placed upon you, crystals initiate your own self healing ability in union with the intelligence inherent within your being. They are wonderful transmitters of divine healing and support the breaking down of energetic imprints which have crystallised over time, throughout multiple levels of consciousness. Crystals activate and illuminate what is ready for release whilst bringing you into a beautiful state of alignment. They are powerful and giving teachers with much wisdom and love to share with you. Crystal Healing is available in person or remotely via zoom. I can also create a crystal grid to support you remotely over a length of time.

Treatment options include....

  • Starseed or Lemurian Attunement    

  • Elemental Balancing and Chakra Balancing

  • Inner Child Release + Integration

  • Soul Retrieval + Emotional Release

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Past Life Release + Integration

  • Shadow Integration

  • Awakening Grids (Abundance | Self-Love )

  • Crystal Soundscapes

In addition to the laying on of stones, I'm also available to offer oracle readings with the Crystal Devas

"The Lemurian attunement I experienced was incredible! Parts of me that had been asleep for a long time began to wake up again and I had these deep waves of peace and joy flowing through me the whole time. I feel really at one with myself." Verena

"I thought you would like to know that since receiving the inner child healing, my permanent frown has disappeared and the furrow between my eyebrows is a lot smaller. I feel so different and I like it - a lot!! Thank you beautiful!" Emma

"Thank you so much for the crystal grid you set up for me! I've felt such a loving support surrounding me over the last two weeks and love having the photo as a visual focus for my meditation practice. The energies coming through each time I connect with it are incredible." Ciara