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Free yourself from the past and experience a renewed sense of clarity, focus and direction

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or meridian tapping is a gentle and effective way to release stress, process emotions and challenging life experiences, shift limiting beliefs, create lifestyle changes and activate new pathways. It can also be applied to enhance self-awareness, ground in positive intentions, access deepened levels of safety within and to generate more self-acceptance.

Having worked with basic and advanced methods of EFT for many years now, I combine this with somatic processing and journey work (such as inner child processes, past life healing, shadow work etc) to offer a unique experience that creates sustainable results.

During an EFT session we spend time in conversation before I guide you through a customised tapping experience where you gently tap on your own acupoints. This is often accompanied with dialogue however there are instances where you are guided through silent tapping which encourages a deeper attunement to the immediate feelings and sensations that are present within your being. Throughout the session various other energy medicine techniques such as meridian stroking, sound healing and gentle movement may be introduced to further support you in the process.

EFT sessions are available in person or remotely via zoom/video call.