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Creating ripples of change through all levels of being in a sacred, co-creative space

Multidimensional energy healing is offered in union with your higher self and source energy. Intuitively I connect and go where I'm guided to go. There may be conversations with your bodily intelligence, wisdom flowing in from the stellar realms or healing techniques applied from the various modalities that I offer. Whether you need a simple cleanse, balance and alignment or have more complex issues you are seeking to understand, these sessions can open up a clear dialogue with your inner being and a soul level perspective so you gain insight, clarity and relief. Sessions are available in person or remotely via zoom or phone call.

Sessions may involve but are not limited to the following:

  • Light Language | Starseed Attunements | Activations and Healing with the Star beings

  • Soul-Retrieval

  • Soul Contract Review

  • Heartlight Awakening

  • Womb Healing and Activation

  • Multi-Dimensional Healing

  • Implant Removal | Entity Clearing | Releasing Energetic Distortions and Interference

  • Attachment & Cord Release

  • Belief Clearing

  • Downloads and DNA Upgrades

  • Past Life | Inner Child | Ancestral | Shadow Healing and Integration

  • Basic and Advanced Chakra Balancing & Energy Clearing

"You are a wise and gifted healer. Thank you for holding such a beautiful space, for your guidance and for your healing touch. What I received through the session was profound. I feel much better and have a clear understanding of the action I need to take to support my body. My spirit feels lighter and I feel free of burdens that weighed heavily on my heart." Pam

"I feel so different after my soul-retrieval and past life session, it's like I'm seeing everything in a whole new way. I feel much more at peace with myself and my life experiences so far and there's a sense of contentment and trust that I've never touched on before." Georgia