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Consciously created designs, reflecting the heart and soul of your product or business

For those seeking a logo to represent their business, I feel my designs are best suited to people in the areas of alternative health, vibrational healing and other similar practices. Past recipients of my custom designs have felt they add so much to the energy of their business, even helping them to become more grounded in their offerings. For some they even experienced a release and healing of old energies and patterns that held them back! With logo design, you can elect to receive just the logo or you can upgrade to include an expanded, stylised version of your logo to display in your treatment space. These are printed to 40.7cm x 40.7cm on archival quality, Kodak Endura photo paper which features a stunning metallic sheen for a glossy finish and exceptional visual interest and depth. It really makes the colours pop and brings the finished product to life, anchoring in beautiful vibrations that support you and those you share space with.

Aside from creating mandalas and light codes to be used as logos, I've also been commissioned to create images for workshop manuals, product labels and cover art for books, cd's and online offerings. As with all commissioned activation art, this is a sacred process infused with divine frequencies and is created in accordance with your soul directive and that of your business or product.  

My art is largely intuited though I'm able to work with colours to your liking and at times I'm able to incorporate specific elements if I feel they are within my professional capacity. Please understand that I am a self trained artist and not a graphic designer. I don't work like one and my skill set is completely different! There is so much that a graphic designer can offer you that is totally out of my zone so please consider what it is you really need before reaching out. My style is centred around light codes, geometry and mandalas so if this is what you're after and you feel a resonance with my creations, please reach out for a chat. I'm always very open and honest about my skills and if I don't feel that I can deliver a product you are happy with, I will be upfront about this.

If anything here is unclear, you're welcome to contact me so we can discuss the process. To avoid any misunderstanding, I do not take business or product related orders through my online shop. For all pricing or to discuss your needs, please reach out via the contact form.

Thank you so much for your understanding!   

** Your custom design will never be reproduced and are only displayed online as part of my portfolio with your permission **